In a short period, the cryptocurrency market became active as the price of BTC continuously peaked. The consulting an electric field has also increased rapidly. If you are an electronic market participant or simply followed relevant news, it is impossible to ignore the NFT cryptocurrencies or simply see the Dogecoin dog memes, Shiba. Interestingly, I have come across a picture of a very cute animal named Capybara. How chilling they are with almost every animal in the animal kingdom, yes, even the poor breeders trying to stuff a whole capybara inside. Capybaras is rarely ruffled before a testing, and expanding in features and finishing, they have easy access to a wide variety of animals from across the spawn a system. And while looking docile, capybaras are extremely protective of us doing what we can to maintain our tight-knit a community. Coincidentally, those are the same values that underpinning $HUP and the HUP.LIFE Ecosystem .

What is HUP.LIFE ?

HUP.LIFE was created by Harrisonn. He enjoys creating sounds and playing with his long-respected Korg MSB2000 synthesizer, and he previously co-founded the electronic dance music (EDM)/trap record label Dirty Duck Audio, where he co-wrote a song Soulja Boy, co-located placements in a national TV and commercials, co-heads in commercials, and monetized the entire label’s catalog to a copyright significant will be calculated and rewarded to artists who have never been compensated for their work before. That’s why HUP.LIFE was created as a fair way for creators to receive value for money in line with the creative value they make.
HUP.LIFE is the world’s a cutting edge platform that allowing socially conscious artists and image collectors to sell, a license and fully monetize their artwork as a copyright-enabled NFT (ceNFT). Passed Affirmation of International Copyright Certificate and Securities Law. 5% in the transaction sell & level allows is donated to charities chosen by the artist. Plus 5% of the collection’s sales & a licensing is enjoyed back to the artist.

✅ Artists have cut down on future resale and licensing by subsequent buyers.
✅ ceNFTs transfers all package licenses to the buyer (retrievable through what I call ‘Ghost NFT’).
✅ Art is minted as ceNFT that runs through 2 layers of authentication to determine authenticity and uniqueness: a powerful image recognition engine and a consensus mechanism in which users can provide range certificate.
✅ Hyperlinks contained in ceNFT metadata are resolved through our own TLD on a decentralized, blockchain-based, external Domain Name System (DNS) service accessible worldwide information through the global TLD system.
✅ That metadata is stored on a decentralized, immutable cloud system, powered by blockchain technology, with dozens of node pins at once, ending the long-term redundancy and security of NFT . An image file depicting the artwork is also uploaded to Arweave as a permanent safety net.
✅ Artists can sell ceNFT without transferring Ghost NFT if they want to keep the copyright — and can then license it to 3rd parties using our modular licensing built on top of the Ricardian contract rules.

And I believe HUP.LIFE are the only project with this solution .

Bring transparency to the split-structured crypto-message project :

Not only does $HUP have a new token division structure but aims to achieve its ambitious goal to bring the road to completion a reality of being fully financially self-sufficient with no external liquidity or disruption Traditional funds, the project also offers transparency to their community that is unmatched in blockchain projects.
In addition to the charity wallet of HUP.LIFE, community members can also view the trading wallet of each of the nine specific wallets managed by the team, namely :

✅ Initial Liquidity for PancakeSwap (25%)
✅ R&D/Tech (15%)
✅ Marketing/Admin/Misc (15%)
✅ NFT Authenticators (10%)
✅ Airdrops & Bounties (10%)
✅ Leadership & Advisors (10%)
✅ Legal Expenses (5%)
✅ Liquidity for Other DEXs & Listing Fees for Platforms (5%)
✅ 1:1 Capybara Art NFTs For Early Adopters (5%)

According to my observations, this may be a project of much interest in the near future because of the benefits it brings to the community. The token value is also planned for its increase in value in the long term. Although it seems a bit spiritual, when I see the image of the founder of this project, my intuition tells me it will go to the moon. You can also check it out here. An open person, listening directly to the opinions of the community, answering any questions you have. I am sure that you will get more value than you expect when talking with him. Hopefully with this article I have given you useful information or not, you can comment below … Thanks !

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